Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Probing Prosperity

When I think of prosperity, I think of spiritual prosperity. The type of prosperity that lasts a lifetime, not just a matter of a few short years on this earth. I think of prosperity in the
form of richness. Not richness in money, but richness in the Lord. A value that far outweighs anything else imaginable.

When I think of Prosperity, I am reminded of the three men whom were given certain amounts of money, and each chose how to spend
their share, or to squander their share. How investing was favored and squandering was not.

When I think of prosperity, I acknowledge the wealth of information in God’s word, that cannot come close to any amount if intelligence anywhere.

When I think of prosperity, I think of friendships that seem to last forever, relationships that grow closer as the years go by, and new acquaintances we can always glean a bit of worthwhile
advice from.

When I think of prosperity, I am reminded of the very act of Jesus’ death that provided an inheritance to us like no other!

Prosperity is something that can be evil, destroying everything in its path, and abrasive. Yet, is can equally be as Godly, life-giving and warmly welcomed.

How do you view prosperity? I challenge you for the next 30 days to ponder this thought. “What does prosperity mean to me?” Think it through, answer it honestly, and share with someone else! You will find out what real prosperity truly is.

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