Tuesday, September 22, 2009

7 Stages of a Prodigal Mom

For all the mother's out there who ache for their wayward children and long to see them return to the Lord~

Acceptance – we must first accept the fact our children have fallen away from their Lord. Denial, pride, and fear keep us from the truth. It is this truth that leads us to lift our children in prayer, to lay them on the alter and leave them there for God to mold and to make them as He sees fit.

Confession – we must confess areas we have blown it, missed it or turned our heads. God is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us, restore and heal our children as well as ourselves. When we confess our shortcomings to the Lord, we are humbled and God can then begin to do the work He has been waiting to do in us all.

Repentance – repentance is a necessary component of our walk with God. It cannot be exchanged, duplicated or ignored. Just as repentance leads us to salvation, clearing our slate gives us a fresh start which enables God to do a new thing in us and in our families.

Forgiveness – without Christ’s forgiveness, we and our children are lost souls. We must have this key to restore our relationship back to the way God intended it to be. Our hope lies in God alone and with His help all things are possible.

Promises – the promises of God are forever and extend past the gates of Jerusalem. We can stand on the promises of God for our children and our household that all will be saved. Prodigals do return.

Journey – It has been said it is not the destination that is most important but the journey getting there. In the case of eternal life, the destination is of utmost importance, but it is so true that the journey is the path that leads there. Travel wisely.

Victory – the victory is God’s, so let the battle be His as well. David understood the importance of waiting, listening, obeying and standing back to watch God reveal Himself in some of the most miraculous ways. We Mothers would do well to desire the heart of David.

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