Sunday, September 20, 2009

Simplify for Your Sanity

I have been spending a lot of time around my home trying to simplify things and organize before my anticipated move to Arizona in December. It seems a never-ending task when I look around at all of the stuff I have accumulated. Things from long ago, recently purchased, items given to me by others, special things of great worth and sentiment. It is no wonder I get so overwhelmed with where to put all of these items. It makes me feel insane as I ty to get my mind focused on the enormous job awaiting my devout attention.

I believe God is speaking to my heart about simplifying my life by sorting out the necessary and the unimportant. I have memories, both easily recalled and those that take far more effort to bring to mind. I feel as if one day I will forget everything that meant so very much to me. So I tuck items of any significance away in order to have them at my fingertips when I want to remember and soak up the moment one more time.

I must be thoughtful though, of the quality of my life each day. Looking around at all of this stuff seems to get in the way of my enjoying the moment. Organizing, pictures alone, will take the rest of my life and finding places for everything special to me, puts me in a place of needing a second house just to store everything.

So I am taking my time going through all the special items that I had such great memories for, but sharing many with those that are less fortunate. I am reminded of the saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure". So true. I have am entire garage to prove this to be true. What is stored in all those boxes, I have no idea, and I definitely have not been enjoying those things where they lay.

For my own sanity I must accomplish this task. Stuff has filled my living space and cramped my style long enough. As today is the day of salvation, it is also the day to sort and send off to another place. Who knows, maybe some of my stuff, might become a memory for someone else and serve a better purpose than sitting in a box simply forgotten.

To simplify, is truly great sanity.

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