Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Trusting Brings Blessings

For the past few months I have been tested in my trust of God more than just about any other time in my life. Resting, waiting, sometimes not so patiently I will admit, to see His deliverance in certain areas of my life or family's lives. Psalm 37:7 reminds me to rest and wait patiently, to worry not, yet as I trust God it seems this to be the hardest thing to do. My patience runs thin and I do begin to worry and fret. Even though not a day is added to my life when I let myself get ensnared in the enemies' ways of handling life.

The Lord tells me to do good as I am trusting in Him. Hmmm, I am certain being impatient and worrying would not qualify as doing good. Yet, when I seem to be unfaithful and trust not completely, He is faithful to remain God and care for me just the same.

This past weekend my oldest daughter came to visit for a day, unexpectedly but what a wonderful visit we had. I had wished there was a fattened calf in the pasture to cook up a feast with, and a little money in the bank to buy a splendid dessert to share after mealtime. But lo and behold, my younger daughter and hubby walk in with tortillas, enchilada sauce and cheese so I begin to sift through our fridge/freezer to see what I could add to make a nice meal. I did have chicken that I set out on top of my hubby's truck outside to thaw a bit (our microwave broke the night before), and half a tub of applesauce was perfect. We had some leftover salad and I made rice to compliment the enchilada's. A Mexican feast is not what I had in mind for a Labor Day dinner but it worked fine and I was truly thankful for what I had to work with.

I let our doggies outside to relive themselves and what did I see but a full bucket of fruit and veggies sitting outside my door. No note, just a bucket of food that had obviously been picked fresh from a garden. It was like a gift given at just the right time. I smiled, called the doggies back in and emptied the bucket in my sink. Oh my, squash, zucchini, pears, apples and potatoes with dirt still packed in the crevices of each fold! WOW! As I washed each piece I thanked God for supplying our needs and even our wants, the desires of our heart. Unspoken yet important and heard by God almighty. The Lord reminds us to delight ourselves in Him and he will give us the desires of our hearts (Psalm 37:4). That evening we had wonderful chicken and cheese enchilada's, applesauce, fabulous fresh garlic mashed potatoes, corn, Mexican rice and a most scrumptious homemade apple pie.

We were blessed beyond blessed and trusting God seemed such an easy thing to do. God's lovingkindness overwhelmed us as we remained under the shadow of His wings. I had not uttered a word wishing I had more food to make a lovely dinner while my daughter cane to visit. Yet, God had already heard my cry and answered readily. He had spoken to some dear friends of ours who lived quite a ways away and they obeyed His quiet voice telling them to bring us fresh food from their garden. Little did they know what a blessing they were to us that day and still are as I sit enjoying a delicious pear from one of their trees.

If trusting brings blessings and not only to us but to those around us, why is it so hard to trust a God Who made the heavens and the earth and everything that has breath and sits till at His command? Why do I become impatient and worry when my Father in heaven gently tells me to trust in Him, rest and wait patiently? I am sure this part of a daily walk many of us struggle with, but know you are not alone. O' taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man that trusteth in Him, Psalm 34:8. Chew on this for awhile and savor the flavor of His everlasting goodness.

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