Saturday, September 19, 2009

Are We Christians of Compromise?

It seems today the world is filled with compromising Christians. I was one for a time myself. I chose the shots, lived within a comfortable little bubble I seldom left, and narrowed my mind enough to believe God could easily send someone else in my place if I felt unqualified for the job or request He had given me.

God mentions how he detests being neither hot nor cold, and would rather spit those of us that fit this mold, out of his mouth. WOW! Alright, He has my attention now.
The God that loves me, adores me, and sent His only Son for me, would rather spit me out of His mouth? Understandably so.

God tells us if we love Him, we will obey His commandments, But then why is it so easy for us to proclaim how much we love Him, yet it is so hard for us to obey the commands He has given us for our benefit?

As God desires a deep relationship with us and has laid His most prized possession on the line for our sins, past, present and future, why can we not willingly and solely give our lives over to Him to be used by Him in ways He sees best? That would mean complete surrender, oh no! It would mean breaking up our comfortable bubble and possibly changing seats to sit near someone new in church, or reaching out to the cashier in line at the grocery store when we see they have had a bad day, or worst yet, it might mean giving more to our church so that more needs could be met.
Compromise.... that is why. We get to a complacent state in our walk with the Lord and we forget Who it is we serve. Who do we rely upon for our very existence? Who is our ultimate provider, precious sacrifice for our sins and deliverer when we are wronged or in trouble?

I believe this is why God told Moses to have the people erect a monument to remind His children of the great and awesome things He had done for them. And we too, need to be reminded so often, of just how big a God we can look up to, trust in, rely upon and serve.

God gives such simple commands, and yet we stoop to compromise when the going gets tough. Had Jesus taken this approach, we would all be lost to our sins and destined for the Lake of fire. Praise God He did not choose to compromise and He stayed true to His promises. He obeyed, almighty God Himself, to the point of giving up His only Son. His Son that would be mocked by many, spit upon and ridiculed by crowds of people, and denied by those that even call upon His name.

Let the monuments in your mind and the love in your heart motivate you to be faithful and true to God, the creator of this universe and everything in it. Compromise no more because who wants to be spit out of God's mouth anyway?

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