Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Attitude of the Heart

A couple of years ago I was in an automobile accident. Nothing very serious, but enough to leave me with headaches, aches and pains in my neck, back and left knee. I not only had to evaluate the condition of my body, but the attitude of my heart.

My husband and I were heading home one night, when an uninsured driver rear-ended us. The driver proceeded to run and my husband chased him down. I think the chase was more exciting than the accident itself. Needless to say, we did get his plate number, only to find out it was a stolen vehicle.

Several times I had to test my attitude towards this man who hit us, then ran, and did not make any attempt to see if we were alright or not. I found myself worrying for the kid on the bike that might be riding next to this man on the way home. I called 911 and unfortunately there were no officers around to apprehend this driver.

When we had calmed down a bit, I kept thinking of the nerve of this man, to hit us and then run. Now our insurance will have to take care of the medical bills and damage to my car I had just bought a month before the accident. I tried to remember that Jesus loves him too, and that he is obviously not just running from the law, but he is running from the Lord and himself as well. I decided to pray for him, not so much to get caught but to get to the end of his rope so that he has nowhere to look but up to God for help. I prayed no one's life would be taken in the meantime, and that this guy would surrender quickly.

This made me think of the times I am sure God is waiting for me to get to the end of my own rope. To look up and stop looking at myself or all around for the help I need. I Peter 5:7 reminds us to "Cast our cares upon Jesus for He cares for us". How often I forget this and walk around for long periods of time, frustrated and feeling so alone. God says His burdens are light and His yoke is easy. How quickly I forget this!

You see, I have been carrying a lot of frustrations and bitterness. I have been filled with defeat and fighting depression for some time now. The attitude of my heart has definitely had a chance to emerge and remind me how frail, lowly and weak I truly am without God. I have realized my attitude definitely dictates my responses to others, as well as influences my relationship with the Lord.

The battle was in my mind, to either get mad at this guy who was on the run, or pray for him. I am sure he needed to know Jesus as much as I had. An attitude adjustment is what I needed. God knows just how to accomplish this through trials and tribulations. Opportunities for the wrong heart attitude to pop up quickly and reveal who I am, where I am going and what my next steps will be.

I am thankful for the test of the attitude of my heart. More often than not I fail, but this time....I passed. I pray I run into this man and have the right words to share with him. Words that will show him the attitude of his heart, and hopefully turn him to a most gracious and merciful God.

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