Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Silent Sanctuary

In the coolness of the night, the stars shown brightly as a magnificent show in the heavenlies. The crackling of the embers from a fire not yet burned out, reminds me of more solemn days of old. I did not shiver from the low temperatures all around me as the warmth from the fire kept me cozy. I stood with warm vanilla tea in hand, staring at the marvelous scenery all around me. Though the skies were surely dark and the air lightly crisp, I drew a smile amongst tall Evergreens and beautiful Aspens that beheld even the quietest arrangement of this autumn season. A beautiful light danced across the star-filled sky and I watched with wonder as it gracefully fell from one part of the universe to the other. Peace and quiet filled the air as I thought about how this time of rest so fulfilled me and brought joy to my restless heart. Appreciation filled my deepest being and the longing of my heart at that very moment was to be nowhere else but where I was. Contentment was my best friend in the stillness of the silent night. "How thankful I am to be alive this moment", I said to myself. To enjoy the time of solitude beneath the skies that show forth my Maker's sheer brilliance. What a night to remember, to ponder and reflect upon.

Here and now, was all that mattered.

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