Friday, September 25, 2009

Remember God's Call

It's the deep feeling of servanthood that forever resides in your heart and intensely stirs your soul. Whether full of strength or unimaginably weak, the task must be accomplished!

The man on the street needing fed and clothed, the lonely child without a father gently searching for love, the single mother found at the grocery store fifty cents short for a loaf of bread, a rejected teenager who's only bed is the backseat of a car, the recently widowed man who's suddenly alone in the cold and distant world, an orphaned infant left tragically alone when a natural disaster claims its parents lives, are all circumstances which cannot be ignored, forgotten, or left uncared for.

There is no choice, only the command. Obedience is not an option but is mandatory just as a heart beats, until inevitable death. It wakes you at night to pray earnestly, produces tears for another one's pain, allows for immense happiness in a time of rejoicing and causes extreme sacrifice at all costs even unto an untimely death.

Instilled by Almighty God, gently spoken by Jesus Himself, and birthed by the Holy Spirit, this calling is a substance both tangibly felt and ferociously driven. It is inevitably accepted and acted upon in a most incredible way, leaving your soul satisfied and your spirit uplifted. It's this calling that owns every part of the one that is chosen, imparting an eternal God-given purpose, unmistabley real and devotedly divine.

This calling is what motivates as it intensifies. There is no escaping it. Nor would you want to. There is nothing quite like it in all the world.

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