Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Cross Around My Neck

The cross I wear around my neck
means more to me than you can see.

It gives me hope when I have none,
and lifts my head from in a slum.

It calms my fears when I am scared,
and gives me peace instead of dread.

It makes me joyful when I am sad,
and comforts my heart when I feel bad.

It sets my feet upon solid ground,
and brings me peace when none is found.

It helps me trust when I feel alone,
and reminds me earth is not my home.

It holds me in its solid grasp,
a gentle hand I quickly clasp.

It tells me of love's sacrifice,
and helps me think not once, but twice.

It's total love so close to me,
I wear it so that others see.

The cross I wear around my neck,
means so much more, much more to me.

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