Monday, October 19, 2009

Investing in Our Children's Future - How do we do it?

1. Little by little - "A penny saved is a penny earned" my grandfather always told me as he'd go out of his way while on a walk with me, to plop a penny he found on the ground into his pocket. Eventually, silver coins also begin making their way into piggy banks and the change begin adding up. Before yo know it, your lightweight jar of pennies will turn into an interest-bearing account reaping benefits you may never have imagined.

2. Start early - Beginning to save early will provide a savings plan that works over time. The amount that can be saved over several years time rather than crunched into only a few years can really pay off and add up quickly. Any amount saved will be more than what your child(ren) will have had if you not saved at all or began the year before they began college.

3. Saving teaches diligence - Saving, teaches your children the importance of saving as well. It also teaches them to wait for things, something baby boomers have a very hard time with. Baby Boomers want it now and worry about what the actual cost in life is later. This can create undue stress and cause hardships that might hinder their actual attendance to college.

4. Reducing college costs - Cutting down costs on college tuition and or/expenses is just plain smart. Tuition, books, supplies and the like are rising each year and without a full scholarship or rich parents, kids have to work to put themselves through college. Any amount saved for college is less that must be allotted for when attending. Every penny counts!

5. Finally, saving is wise - Saving in any capacity shows you can control your money and not have it control you. Overspending, spontaneous buying and the "I want it now!" mentality have no place in responsible handling of your finances. If you incorporate saving as a way of life, purchasing a car, home or other large item will be that much easier to obtain without going in debt. Cash pays off and you can relax and enjoy your purchase knowing you own it free and clear. This is a reward in and of itself

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