Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Change in Plans

As I look around at this most beautiful place, sadness fills my heart knowing this is truly God’s country, yet it was not the place my family could write their names in the soil and be at peace spending the rest of our lives.

Our plans when we arrived almost fifteen years ago, was for each one of our children to raise their children amongst the beautiful blue skies, emerald green land and magnificent Redwoods. The majestic mountains were our fortress and the light mist that filled the chilling air soothed out tired skin on a warm summer’s day.

Goals, dreams and vacations never to be realized . . . I will miss this place, after all. A home on with an acre on a quiet country road served us well even with its constant need of repair. My front window view is as beautiful as a postcard and the trip home each day takes my breath away as I pass pastures filled with lush grass for lazy cows grazing peacefully and rugged. old barns standing amidst tress of splendor surrounded by leaves of burnt orange, golden yellow and luscious purple. A minute piece of heaven was granted us in this place.

What happened over time that took my family from the open land of a charming, little town called Williams, to a small, yet busy town of Grants Pass, and finally will lead us back home to an enormous city of growth known as Phoenix in a state rich in opportunity.

From Arizona, to Oregon and back to Arizona again we will travel over years of children growing, opportunities tried and lost, fewer fun times than desired, trials and tribulations around every corner but many friends acquired that we will never forget. The laughter, the tears, the few glorious victories, the bitter taste of final defeat, all remind us of our life here in Oregon that we’ll take with us to the warn, dry desert.

Stories to be told, memories shared and friends we’ll always keep in touch with…..are the back drop of this chapter in our lives. The peaceful life my husband so badly wanted to experience here in Grants Pass, became harder work, deeper restlessness and unfilled dreams as we struggled, always struggled to make a living for our family. Health care far from our reach, a broken septic system, educational grants denied, mold spreading fast like a disease, illness looming, gray skies on the horizon as winter approaches, opportunity for growth diminished and finally the city that has so harshly tolerated us will now be through with us. As we leave our home of just under nine years and sorrowfully look back at possible mistakes, missed chances to make things better and friends we shed tears for as we say goodbye, we fight to look forward at the journey God has planned for us. Reflections of plans for good and not harm surround our thoughts and His strength lifts our heads in sorrow as we recognize His voice, feel His presence carrying our weary, depressed bodies away from a small slice of heaven here on earth, to a place of wonder, new opportunities, our son and his wife along with our two wonderful grandchildren sorely missed, and a lovely home in a neighborhood of need and desire to know Who this God is that carries our burdens and blessed the path we walk on. A new world to share His promises of unconditional love and acceptance, laughing with our precious family and raising foster children who have no one to call their parents is a venture we wait for in sheer excitement amidst the harsh surroundings of our move.

Learning to suffer, sometimes silently, sometimes with gentle tears, serves as the training field for us to patiently comfort those in Phoenix with the same, enduring care God has so lovingly covered us with as we move to a different land, with fresh plans to hold fast to the great commission Christ gave us in Matthew 28:19 & 20. It is our desire the follow the Lord’s will over our own, walking in His guided paths and fulfilling the law of Christ as we will tenderly aid the homeless and give them shelter, pray for parents confused by the world’s way of molding their children, and honor our God Whom we choose to faithfully serve with hearts of gladness. Our spirit’s at rest about living in a land that will cause our lips to be parched as the scorching sun will beat down on our dry, aging skin and the majestic mountains in the far distance will be painted with the finest desert landscaping full of poisonous critters and cacti serving a their nourishment, tumble weeds everywhere and dry ground that cries out in anxious waiting for its Creator to return and end its thirst.

To Oregon we say farewell, for a new mission has opened before us and we dare not hesitate to enter a land that once celebrated our presence and victory was at every turn. To our friends and family we leave behind, we pray earnestly for the spirit of our Lord to comfort and guide you, remind and empower you as we leave to remember to pray for us as well, seek God for His plans for your lives and give you strength to carry our those missions God has set before you at such a time as this. We love you and know we will see you again one day soon…..very, very soon. May God’s peace be with you all.

I Corinthians 1:3-5
Blessed be God Who comforts us in all our tribulations that we may be able to comfort them which are in trouble, by the comfort that we ourselves are comforted by God.

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  1. Hello, i just wnated to tell you that i loved it. That i am realy happy for you and your family. My prayer for your family is that you will find a new hope, peace, and a joy. That your new friends and family,and friends to come will see that your family is differnt, and that they want it. they see Jesus. i pray that every where you go is your mission field, that you will show the world our wonderful love of Jesus Christ.
    I know that wen you see an opportunitie that you will take hold of it. You will hsow the wonderful love of God. I pray that these speacial people will want it, and see they need it.

    I just realy want your family to be able to pick a chapter in your past, a happy, peacfull, joyful one, and start there. Start your new life there.
    I love you family so much, you will be misssed. But this is Gods plan for you. There is a bigger purpose, a bigger plan. We may not see it now, or never will . but we do know that it is for God. thats all that matters right?
    talk to you later. bye!