Monday, October 5, 2009

Colorless People

We moved from the country
Where people shunned us so.
They walked by our home
Ignored us in our yard.
Not a look would they give us
We just weren’t good enough.
So we moved to the city
Where no one saw our color.

First day we moved in
Others reached out in friendship.
They crossed the street to meet us
No boundaries in their way.
They were as friendly as can be
Our house became our home.
We were accepted and fit in
‘Cuz no one saw our color.

As we drove around our neighborhood
Seeing people come and go,
Others smiled and waved at us
Like they’d known us all along.
We’re total strangers in their midst
But they didn’t care at all.
Our eyes were opened to the fact
Their color was our own.

No longer was there tan or black,
But people loving people.
Joy filled out hearts for neighbors that
Saw us as one of them.
No longer were there barriers
Invisible but true.
What peace we had in being here
Since no one saw our color.

We showed our appreciation
In the pies ‘n cookies we made.
Sharing them, one house at a time
Thanking them for their kindness shown.
This is where God wanted us
It was the time for change.
‘Cuz we all look the same
We’re Colorless people.

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