Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Day to be Thankful

I am thankful to God for loving me enough to send His Son Jesus to die for me and choosing me to be His daughter. I am thankful to Jesus Christ for taking all my sins, oh how many there are, upon Himself and paying the price for them so that I may have eternal life. I am thankful for my husband Kenny, what a blessing and gift to me. I am thankful for my children Doug, Chrissy, Tiffany and Branden; for they are blessed rewards I could never have even dreamed of receiving from the Lord. I am thankful for their spouses, Jessica, Jeffry and Kevin; for they complete our family perfectly. I am thankful for my precious grandchildren, Nathen and Tahlya; I am blessed beyond words because of these two wonderful gifts of life and love. I am thankful for extended family, my dad and stepmom, mom and dad in law, sweet sister-in-laws, awesome cousins, nieces and nephews and I am thankful for my friends because they enrich my life so very much. I am thankful for teachers who push me and believe in me. I am thankful for all my sweet pets as they are therapy to my soul. I am thankful for a home that keeps me warm, food to fill my tummy, a car that gets me from here to there, a good college education, health that I may bless others, a voice to praise God with and my very life and breath. And I am thankful for all of you, what would facebook be without you all!

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