Thursday, September 30, 2010

Redeemed for a Purpose

My husband and I spent the past weekend with wonderful friends of ours in Las Vegas. We had not seem them in over twenty years and spent a day with them at a local car show while displaying their beautiful Mustang and meeting new friends. We'd never been to Nevada and found it to be quite flat besides mountains here and there. No cacti and foliage growing where it had been precisely planted. As we crossed the border from Arizona into Nevada, we crossed Hoover Dam and found it was breathtaking and so beautiful at night. It simply took your breath away. The towers were lit up like individual lighthouses and crossing the dam was like entering into another world. I loved it!

One evening our friends took us on a tour into downtown Las Vegas where the buildings were so magnificent and beautifully constructed. What workmanship went into planning walls of such intellect. I was in awe as we drove by one after another. They were casino's and large hotels carefully displaying such detail and forethought that was put into each building. Much madness and greed revolves around and within these towers of beauty but when I see them standing in all their beauty, I understand their worth beyond the money they embrace. They are priceless works of art constructed by specially chosen contractors, just as we are masterpieces for good works in our Father's hands.

It reminded me of how God so delicately and purposefully carves our structures, instills His beauty and power within us and proudly displays his work of art for all to see. Often we may feel ugly, unworthy and of no use, but the Master Creator well purposed each moment of our lives and created us with such majestic beauty in Him.

Jeremiah 29:11 say, "For I know the plans of the Lord, plans for my good and not to harm me, plans to give me a hope and a future." This scripture gives me reason to go on when storms are engulfing me and I feel like giving up and swallowing waters of my own death. Knowing God has carefully designed of my mind, heart and emotions gives me strength to persevere when things get tough. As I age and see a woman in her forties in the mirror before me, I notice lines intricately engraved into my slightly tanned skin forming a map upon my face that clearly shows joy over sorrow.
Thankfulness floods me heart and I quickly taken away to times of redemption from the things of the world, from others, from myself.

We were redeemed for a purpose and it is this realization that strengthens us for the journey and equips us with every tool we need to worship our God, to bless others and to leave a mark upon the hearts of those yet to understand their own purpose in this life. Let God's sovereign redemption take you away to places you'd never imagined and to live life to the fullest as you embark on a journey specifically designed for you.

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